Exhibit Information 2009

In November 2009 Pat Carter had a very successful and well attended exhibit at The Mary Pfister Studio in Frederick Maryland. Titled “The Hunt Scene”. The showing featured a large selection of Pat’s works of fox hunting scenes, many from her own backyard which overlooks the scenic Middletown Valley in Maryland, where a local hunt chases the fox regularly.

Many of Pat’s commissions come form fox hunting enthusiasts who cherish portraits of their favorite hunter in the field. Pat also often does portraits of favored hounds for Masters and Huntsman alike.

Exhibit Information 2007

Patricia Carter participated in the well received MFHA Centennial Traveling Art Exhibition

Masters of Fox Hounds Association accepted three paintings by Patricia Carter for the Masters of Foxhounds Association’s Centennial Traveling Art Exhibiition. The exhibit was in celebration of the MFHA centennial year and bosted works by 50 sporting artists.

The Cross Gate Gallery of Lexington, Kentucky, a primier sporting art gallery, coordinated the selected works of art and organized the exhibits and sales of these works at 20 sites with in the United States and Canada in 2007/08.

Exhibit sites included New York City and Saratoga, NY, Palm Beach, FL, Lexington and Louisville, Ky, Boston, MA, Denver, CO, Tucson, AZ, Atlanta, GA and Los Angeles, CA.

All Artwork on this Website is Copyrighted by the Artist, Patricia Carter. © 2010

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